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State of Tennessee, Sumner County Court Feby Term 1830.

The last Will and Testament of Andrew Blythe dec'd was exhibited in open Court for probate and was duly proved agreeable to Law by the oath of Samuel M. Blythe, and S. K. Blythe, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded, thereupon Martha Blythe the Executrix and two of the Executors therein named, appeared in Court and agreed to take upon themselves the execution thereof, and together with Joseph Robb and Alfred H. Douglass their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond to the Governor in the sum of Twenty Thousand dollars, conditioned as the Law directs, and took the oath of Executor prescribed by law. Joseph Robb the other Executor having appeared in Court and renounced as such. 
Blythe, Andrew (I1937)
2 In the name of God, Amen. I, JEREMIAH RULAND, of Huntington Township, of Suffolk County, of Long Island, being weak in body. All my just debts and funeral charges to be paid. I leave to my dear wife, Dinah, ?20; also one riding horse and cha;th the use and profits of all my farms, she making no waste or destruction thereon, until the full age of my son, Jeremiah Ruland, except she should brake her widowhood and marry. Then in that case my executors should take such profits of my farm for the use of bringing up and for a necessary education of all my children. Unto my two sons, Obediah and Jeremiah, all my lands and fast estate. Unto my wife, two milch cows with the use of all my household furniture during her natural life. To my wife, forever, one feather bed and furniture to dispose of them as she may think fit. Unto my three daughters, Experience, Keturah, and Amy Ruland, each ?10; to be paid to each at their proper age. I make my worthy friends, Serjeant Vanbaclah Robbins and Mr. Moses Wicks, both of the Township abovesaid, executors, and my wife, Dinah Ruland, executrix.

Proven: 8 Feb 1781 
Ruland, Obadiah Jeremiah (I30111)
3 June 13, 2011

Clair Lusk, 86, of Borger, passed away Saturday, June 11, 2011.
Clair Pauline (Lacefield) Lusk was born Friday, June, 5, 1925 in Hancock County, Kentucky to John and Callie (Phillips) Lacefield. She was a homemaker and volunteered for the VFW Ladies Auxiliary.
She is preceded in death by her parents; her husband Billy Ray Lusk; a granddaughter, Leann Vaughn in 1995 and 12 brothers and sisters.
Survivors include two sons, Vaughn Lusk and wife Kaci of Borger, TX and Rodney Vaughn and wife Teri of Borger, TX; nine grandchildren and eight great grandchildren,
Memorial services will be held at 11:00 AM, Tuesday at First Baptist Church in Borger, TX. 
Lacefield, Clair Pauline (I18558)
4 Champaign County official record #0401000000719


Robertson, John G. (I24218)
5 Juanita Ables (wife of professor emeritus Ernest Ables,Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources) was laid to rest July 15, 2002 in Talihina, Okla.
She and Ernest were married nearly 42 years and had lived in Talihina for the past four and one half years.
Ables was born June 16, 1937 in Hugo, Okla. to Floyd and Jewel Covington.
She was a graduate of Grant High School and later worked at Wells Lamont Glove Factory and as a wildlife field technician in Kenya, East Africa.
She is survived by her husband and two sons: Brian Ables of Talihina and Christopher Ables of McAlester; five brothers; four sisters; and one grandchild. 
Covington, Juanita (I20502)
6 Mildred Lucille Pearson was born 17 August, 1918 at Washtucna, Washington to Robert Pearson and Mallie Rodgers. She first married Billie D. Dabney in 1941, then divorced him and married John Vander Hoeven on 21 February, 1946 in Carson City, Neada. John died in 1989 and Millie, as we called her, lived alone for the last 27 years.

She had one son, Terry Vander Hoeven.

Millie was very proud of her heritage and belonged to many heritage groups including: Daughters of the American Revolution Los Angeles-Eschscholtzia Chapter, Colonial Dames XVII Century Plymouth Chapter, US Daughters 1812 Francis Scott Key Chapter, Southern Dames of America Rose City Chapter, New England Women Poppy Colony, Colonial Daughters of the XVII Century Spanish Mission Chapter, Colonial Dames of America, Dames of the Court of Honor, Daughters of the Indian Wars Shalawa Meadow Chapter, Daughters of Colonial Wars California State Society, Daughters of the American Colonists Governor John Winthrop Chapter, Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims California Branch, and the Mayflower Society Los Angeles Colony. She usually held an office and was treasurer in many.

She had 12 approved supplementals in Colonial Dames XVII Century alone.

Millie was a tiny lady with a big heart and she will be missed greatly.

Pearson, Mildred Lucille (I24117)
7 Robertsons are of the Clan Donnachaidh (Sons of Duncan / Duncanson) which descent from the Celtic Earls of Atholl - the Royal line of the Kings of Dalriada whose lineage can be traced back to Niall of the Nine Hostages who ruled Ireland about 4AD.
They became the hereditary abbots of Dunkeld who specifically claimed to descend from Saint Columba. One of these abbots married the daughter of Malcolm II (ruled 1005 - 1034).
This long pedigree enables the Robertsons to claim to be the oldest Scottish Clan.

The Duncan, from where the name Donnachaidh is derived, is 'Stout Duncan' who fought with Robert I (the Bruce) at Bannockburn in 1314. Supporters of Robert I were rewarded with land and position.

The Perthshire surname Robertson derives from the descendants of Robert Donnachaidh who helped capture the assasins of James I in 1437. He found some of the traitors hiding in a remote glen in Atholl, captured them and handed them over to the loyal forces. In reward James II consolidated the family's lands into the Barony of Struan.

Castles of the Robertsons in Perthshire were Dunalastair near Kinloch Rannoch and Pitcastle SE of Pitlochry.

The Robertsons remained faithful to the Royal Stewarts for over 3 centurys. Donald, Tutor of Struan, fought with Montrose for Charles I in 1644. Poet and clan chief Alexander joined Bonnie Dundee at the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689. He was pardoned in 1703 by Anne I. However, they fought in the Jacobite rebellions of 1715 & 1745 (with Bonnie Prince Charlie). Robertson lands were lost as a result of again backing the losing Jacobite side. 
Duncanson, Chief Robert (I22843)
8 "Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!"
"I know not what course others may take; but as for me, Give me Liberty, or give me Death!"

Henry, Patrick (I32696)
9 1 mile east of Spur. Armes, Birdie Lee (I5759)
10 1/2 Choctaw by blood. Brashears, Illiapotubbe Eve (I8602)
11 1/2 Choctaw by blood. Folsom, Sophia (I20062)
12 1820.....PALMER & ABEL Parson - Estate of Ann Preston Robertson
Chancery Division, Microfilm Reel #253, Box 5, Franklin Co., Va.
(Furnished by Mrs. Mae D. Moore in a lt'r dated 14 Oct. 1981).

To the Worshipful Court of Franklin County in Chancery sitting humbly complaining here unto your Worship your orator Palmer Parson & Abel Parson that some time in the year 1783 a certain Thomas Damos of Bedford County sold to Ann Preston,w and relict of Moses Preston, dec'd. of said county, a tract of land containing by estimation 194 acres for the sum of L28, that the said Ann Preston had then living by her late husband, six children, to wit: Moses Preston, John Preston, Jesse Preston, Anna Preston who afterwards intermarried with William Smith, Elizabeth - Preston who afterwards intermarried with William Taylor and Sally Preston who afterward intermarried with William Boles, that the said Ann Preston, after the said purchase intermarried with William Robertson, Sr., of Franklin County and had by him three children, infants under the age of 21 years of age at the time of her death which took place about the year (no date given) -. That after the death of the said Ann Robertson (formerly), Ann Preston, the said William Robertson, Sr., who was then only tenant by the courtesy & together with John Preston, William Smith, William Boles and Jesse Preston, conveyed the said land by deed in the year 1804 to Moses Preston one of the heirs of Ann Robertson (formerly Ann Preston), the other heirs William Taylor & Elizabeth his wife refusing to convey their portion of the said land and neither the wives of the said William Smith nor William Boles relinquished their dower in the same. That in consequence of the said conveyance the three children which the said Ann Robertson had by William Robertson and who were equally her heirs with her former six children are excluded from any portion in the said land and deprived of their legal rights, which said deed of conveyance from Robertson & others to Preston is duly admitted to record in this court. That Moses Preston conveyed the whole 1ot of land to your orator who was then ignorant of his defective title to the same in the year 1814 for the sum of $500, three hundred of which was paid off at the time of the purchase by your orator and this court gave to Moses Preston for the remaining two hundred which said bond was traded to the Abram Taylor, dec'd., late of this county. Your orator further states that (illegible)
Administrator & Administratix of the said Abram Taylor, dec'd. has instituted suit on your orators on the said bond $84 of which has been paid to the sd. adm't & adm'tx on the common law side of the court which suit now pleads? upon this oeement docket. All which action and doings are contrary to Equity and good conscience and in as much as your orator was mindful of the premises and only relieved in a court by equity when matters of this sort are cognizable. To the end therefore that the said William Robertson, Sr., John Preston, William Smith and Anna his wife, William Taylor, William Boles and Sally his wife, Jesse Preston, Moses Preston, Littleberry Robertson, Francis Watts and Lydia his wife, formerly Lydia Robertson and Milly Robertson may be made defendants to this bill, that they answer all and singular the allegations herein contained on oath fully and - illegible word - and may it please your Worship to (illegible due to ink smear) judgement of law until this matter can be fully heard in Equity and grant such other & further relief or in equity may seem fair & finally may it please your worship to grant the - - - - - - - - -- of - - - - commonly & as in duty bond your orator will ever pray.

Robt. Cook
Sworn to in Court by Palmer & Abel Pearson 8th March 1828.
C. Tate 
Preston, Mrs. Ann (I32199)
13 1st Earl of Atholl Stewart, John (I24321)
14 2nd term. Madison, President James (I16745)
15 3/8 Choctaw by blood. Everidge, John F. (I20072)
16 3/8 Choctaw by blood. Everidge, Thomas Wellington (I20069)
17 4/4 Choctaw. Gibson, Abafukubbee (I927)
18 4th Chief of Clan Donnachaidh

Robert strongly supported King James I of Scotland. After the murder of King James I he tracked down and captured two of the assassins Sir Robert Graham and the King's uncle Earl of Atholl Walter Stuart, turning them over to be drawn and quartered. For capturing his father's assassins, King James II erected the clan's lands into the Barony of Struan on Aug, 15 1451 and awarded the clan two additions to their coat of arms. A hand holding an imperial royal crown, and underneath a man in chains. It is from Robert Riach Duncanson that the Robertsons took their name in 1450.

Duncanson, Chief Robert (I22843)
19 4th President of the United States. March 4, 1809 - March 4, 1817 Madison, President James (I16745)
20 5th Chief of Clan Donnachaidh Robertson, Chief Alexander (I24319)
21 7/16 Choctaw by blood. Everidge, Thomas William (I15500)
22 7/16 Choctaw. Registered 1/4 Choctaw. Everidge, Thomas William (I15500)
23 Find A Grave Smith, Bradford (I2780)
24 View Memorial Smith, Bradford (I2780)
25 Autobiography of Norvell Robertson Robertson, Norvell (I24248)

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